Recognizing Inspiration

Throughout history inspiration has come from some of the most surprising places. You may not be aware that some of life’s most familiar items originated out of unexpected places.

Like 11 year old Frank Epperson, who in 1905 made a discovery that changed his life. He mixed up a popular soda drink and accidentally left it on the windowsill with the stir stick still in it. Overnight the temperature fell below freezing and when Frank woke up, and found his frozen soda drink stuck to the stick it sparked an idea in him. Eighteen years later, he began to make and market his frozen ice pops, calling them “Eppsicles.” Today we know them as Popsicles.™

Or George de Mestral, who after returning from a walk in 1948 discovered cockleburs covering his clothes. After some curiosity, he began examining them under a microscope and found that the tiny hook-like stands were holding themselves onto the fabric. It wasn’t long before George recognized its potential and Velcro™ was born. And you thought it was discovered in Area 51.

What about Josephine Dickson, an accident-prone wife whose husband worked for a well-known company that made adhesive tapes and gauze. After seeing Josephine suffer with many cuts and scrapes, he husband put together a small bandage with gauze and tape that would be quick and easy for Josephine to apply to the injury without it sticking to it. It didn’t take long for his company to see the usefulness of such a handy item and Band-Aids™ were born.

And finally, Bette Nesmith Graham, a single mother who went to work as a typist in 1951. Though she worked hard to support herself and her son, she soon found out that her typing skills were somewhat less than perfect. In order to cover her mistakes she concocted a mixture with white tempura paint. Soon all the ladies in the office were using this new white liquid to hide their typing errors. Seventeen years late, she sold her Liquid Paper™ idea for a very sizable amount. I will say the bottle I have in my desk is now dried up in this world of spell check.

If these ordinary people weren’t careful, they might have missed a life-changing discovery. They could have completely overlooked an opportunity to succeed and change the world. God is very intentional in every area of His plan for your life. Whether you are in the fast-paced business world or a always on the go stay at home mom, God is constantly at work in your life, do you recognize it? Are you taking advantage of the opportunities for inspiration. You never know you might be in a office behind a computer or waiting in a car pick up line when God gives you inspiration that could change everything.


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